Evologics’ S2CR USBL is a set of tools for positioning and wireless data transmission underwater.
Powerful USBL capabilities combined with all the benefits of a wireless connection make USBL S2CR devices an effective choice for applications that require low power consumption, size and cost. The variety of frequencies and radiation lobes of the transducers available also contribute to making these devices easily adaptable to a wide variety of subsea applications: from ADCPs to OBS, from ROVs to AUVs.

The performances are achieved thanks to the use of a particular S2CR signal modulation technique: it is a sort of Chrip modulation developed within the University of Berlin (from which Evologics originates) studying the frequencies and modulation used by dolphins to orient themselves and communicate.

 Thanks to USBL positioning, full-duplex digital communication, the implementation of advanced error checking algorithms, network support and addressing, and simply software-configurable settings, the S2CR series systems have quickly established themselves as the reference systems in research and industry.

Switching between positioning and communication modes is not necessary: the positioning data is calculated simultaneously with the data transmissions and both features are completed in a fully integrated positioning and communication system.

Each product in the S2CR USBL series is available in a variety of configurations to offer the most suitable solution for a particular scenario:

  • Frequencies:    7 to 78 kHz
  • Range:    From 1000 to 8000 meters
  • Transfer rate:    31.2 to 6.9 kbit/s
  • Transducer radiation lobe: Omnidirectional, Directional, Hemispherical.