Sea Instruments

Evologics - S2CR USBL

Evologics S2CR USBL is a set of tools for positioning and wireless data transmission underwater.

Earth Instruments


Geode is the most versatile and reliable seismograph on the market. Small and handy enough to be easily transported anywhere.

Atom 3C

Atom-3C is a passive seismograph able to determine the Vs for depths up to 1.5 km, using microtremors and without the need for cables.

Trillium Compact All-terrain

The Trillium Compact All-terrain Seismometer is an ultra-low power broadband seismometer.


The Titan Posthole force balance triaxial accelerometer is ideally suited for national networks and research applications.


The Centaur is an all-in-one digitizer, recorder, and telemetry instrument with advanced on-board data processing capable of data manipulation and detecting events in the field.

Air Instruments

Geometrics – MagArrow

MagArrow is the Cesium vapor magnetometer by Geometrics, designed and developed for very high-resolution drone investigations.