The gPhoneX gravimeter is based on Lacoste&Romberg technology, the market reference since 1939. 

The principle behind gPhoneX is the now famous “Zero-Length Spring Suspension System” patented by LaCoste & Romberg. Thanks to its very low drift it can be used to integrate periodic signals (such as terrestrial tides) for very long periods of time (years).

gPhoneX also has an excellent response to high frequencies, such that it can be used to monitor non-periodic events, such as earthquakes. gPhoneX can be used in a range of over 7000 milliGals, and has a dynamic range of ± 50 milligals during measurement.

The sophisticated data acquisition system (Lacoste’s Gmonitor micro-g) synchronized with a rubidium clock, can be interfaced to a GPS so that gPhoneXs arrays can be used to give a broader picture of long-term gravity variations due to subsurface density variations. 

The instrument can also be monitored and controlled via the internet for remote operation.