MagArrow is the Cesium vapor magnetometer by Geometrics, designed and developed for very high-resolution drone investigations.                                                                                                          The double orthogonally mounted sensor allows you to detect directly from UAVs increasing productivity and coverage even in hard-to-reach areas.

Small, light and energy-efficient, it is based on the all-new and revolutionary MFAM technology, which allows a 10-fold reduction in size and power consumption, without sacrificing performance:

  • aerodynamic carbon fiber casing
  • It weighs just over 1 kilo!
  • each sensor occupies 15cc and consumes only 2Watt. 
  • Its high sampling rate, 1000 Hz, allows it to acquire even at high speeds.

In its meter of length contains:

  • 2 miniature MFAM sensors,
  • GPS
  • Wireless Connection Point,
  • SD memory card,
  • Gyro, Compass and Accelerometer,
  • Battery
  • USB key with firmware.

The 2 miniature MFAM sensors are used together to eliminate dead zones and direction errors.

The included Software downloads data and converts it from binary to CSV for use with Oasis Montaj, Surfer and other programs.