CK-14 – The first Made in Italy marine drone in carbon fiber and Kevlar Signed Codevintec. Technological innovation, design and resistance are the qualities that characterize our drone. Compact, lightweight, over 40 kg of payload. The quick and effective solution for surveys in rivers, ports, lakes, and dangerous or hard-to-reach sites.



  • Noble materials: Carbon fiber and Kevlar hull. Lightweight, rigid, impact and wear resistant.
  •  State-of-the-art electronics: total remote control and Sextant option for fully autonomous operations (ASV) even in 4G
    Displacement hull: greater stability and more space for the payload away from the elements
  •  Ready to use: Customizable at the factory with a wide range of hydrographic and oceanographic instruments.
  • Versatile: suitable for use at sea (ports and coastal areas) and inland waters (rivers, lakes, dams, reservoirs…). The wide range of instruments that Codevintec represents will allow you to integrate or find “ad hoc” solutions. In detail:
  • Single Beam echo sounder
  • Multibeam echo sounders
  • Lidar – Laser Scanner
  • SSS – Side Scan Sonar
  • SBP – Sub Bottom Profiler
  • ADCP – Doppler Current Profilers
  • Magnetometers
  • CTDs and multi-parameter probes
  • GNSS positioning systems
  • Inertial platforms

Being able to combine research with design and attention to detail in a highly technological sector makes us feel proud.