The Trillium Compact All-terrain Seismometer is an ultra-low power broadband seismometer specifically developed for deployments where long-term site stability is variable, or where the ability to prepare a sensor footing is limited, such as volcanoes, ice fields, and glaciers.

Incorporating a robust and reliable leveling gimbal that operates over a full 360° range, the Compact All-terrain will auto-level from all orientations ensuring continuous operation even in a constantly changing environment.

The All-terrain seismometer features the performance of the Trillium Compact seismometer, including its exceptional dynamic range and low noise floor.


  • The precise, kinematic 360° gimbal auto-levels from any orientation to provide successful deployment and continuous operation on hostile or unstable surface terrain without intervention through site visits.
  • SOH outputs logged in flash memory include case orientation, providing a powerful data set for reviewing deployment history.
  • A robust, stainless-steel enclosure ensures the sensor is protected from the most hostile environments.
  • Ultra-low power consumption of 180mw reduces battery costs and minimizes power source requirements at the site.
  • Exceptionally high clip level of 26 mm/s permits on scale recording of larger events closer to the source
  • Suitable for surface and posthole installations with up to 50 m cable length