The Titan Posthole force balance triaxial accelerometer is ideally suited for national networks and research applications requiring reliable and durable instrumentation for strong motion and free field studies. The accelerometer is housed in a waterproof stainless-steel enclosure and can be deployed in a direct burial posthole or cased borehole, which enables co-location with broadband posthole seismometers.

Industry Leading Performance Attributes

  • Industry leading 166 dB dynamic range.
  • Ultra-low self-noise comparable to some broadband seismometers 
  • Wide operational frequency range: DC to 430 Hz • Best in class thermal stability and high accuracy provide increased data quality. 
  • Full scale range of ±0.25 g to ±4 g with independent horizontal and vertical range selection

Ease of Use

  • Electronically selectable full-scale range facilitates remote sensor control when deployments are distant or difficult to access.
  • Integrated web server provides efficient instrument management and control.